What are some cool sex positions

standing at the ATM handin me all ur money

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This is a great comeback for all of that “I don’t see race.” BS



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One more story for the ‘representation matters’ column: one of the gals that works the front desk where I work has an 8 year old daughter who is a Monster High fan. We chat dolls a lot and I’ve gotten a few hard to find items for her daughter (she also has a newborn which makes hunting for…

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So is it possible Hexiciah Steam and Victor Frankenstein knew Henry Jekyll? ‘Cause that would make for some awesome butting of heads over mad science and it would be glorious.

…omg I need this to happen…

this would be glorious

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So this is my afro Brazilian mermaid Meriana Luz Mar. I tried to give her outfit a afro Brazilian festival style while toning it down for a child’s toy line. I gave her a few scars on her face and body the 2nd time I drew her because I wanted to make her a survivor of parental abuse. The left side of her fin is ripped off so she has a fake fin that helps her swim. She use to be a fast swimmer until her accident, but that doesn’t stop her from swimming. It’s her life basically. She does go up to land but I’m trying to figure out how…she can’t really walk on land or swim. Serena is able to float around because she’s part ghost and mermaid but Meriana is full mermaid.

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Ok so there’s this Brazilian myth/legend of a dolphin called Boto that transforms into a a handsome human man who goes to parties to lure young girls away. Usually they’re kidnappers or they just end up drowning the girl etc. It was a legend to teach young girls to not rum away with strange men so they wouldn’t end up pregnant or killed. Legend says that the handsome man only shows up to huge festivals and is always looking hot as hell with his suit and tie and his iconic HAT. He uses the hat to cover his bole hole because he’s a dolphin in disguise. If a girl was able to take off his hat during kidnapping etc he would turn back into a dolphin and skedaddle.
So creepy guy who tries to lure women for sex and tries dressing all dapper in order to gain attention while wearing a iconic hat…….hmmmmmm. I decided to make a m’lady character with this monster because it seemed so fitting. I have a story as well.
Roboto (son of a boto) use to be pen pals and summer swim camp buddies with Lagoona. (He’s Brazilian) Way back in childhood times. Since Lagoona’s parents divorced etc Lagoona ended up moving away and bouncing from parent to parent. Not enough time for summer swim camp or pen pals. Years go by and Lagoona often but rarely writes to Roboto. One day Roboto tells Lagoona that he’s coming for a visit at monster high with an monster exchange tour group and wishes to see her. And of course Lagoona being the friendly loyal ghoul she is agrees to meet her old friend. When she does meet Roboto she’s completely confused as to way he’s a human and not the same dolphin she remembers from camp. Roboto explains that it’s much easier for him to move around as a human then a dolphin especially on land. All the ghoulfriends are accepting of Roboto but a kinda turn off by his appearance. They’re basically cringing and Lagoona is upset at her friends for making fun of Roboto. As the day goes by Roboto starts to hit on all the girls and they’re repulsed by his rude behavior and sexist remarks. Lagoona also feels uncomfortable as Roboto tries to get closer to he and crosses his boundaries when he tries to kiss Lagoona. To which she is not at all happy. She explains to Roboto that she already has a boyfriend and is tried of reminding him and dislikes his hostile behavior with her. To which Robto angrily attacks Lagoona, and tells her that she’s rude for not noticing all his good deeds and listening to her cry about her parents divorce and her relationship problems and for not returning his feelings. To which Lagoona stands up for herself and tells him to fuck off and that you don’t listen to friends problems to get rewards you listen to friends to support then because you truly care and love them. And with that she knocks off his hat and he turns into a dolphin and heads back home to Brazil.

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what do you mean not everyone has a toilet that washes and massages your butt

Wait there are toilets like that?


what an incredible experience it must be

im mildly concerned about something labeled “turbo” going near my butt

It’s really nice when it’s a cold morning and instead of setting your ass on a cold seat you just heat it up. I had a nice 2 weeks when I was in Japan with those damn toilets. My friends and me would push the buttons and scream when it would squirt

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My werebat! I am so horrible with fashion I can’t even do monster high oc’s but I like making characters and this is my werebat. I have to give her a name but so far she’s a blind werebat who has social anxiety expecially around vampires. She’s also very self conscious about her height and size. And when she feels attacked or uncomfortable she basically does a hulk and transforms into a big huge bat. I need to make her hairier and learn how to draw claws and wings!

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