There is more blood than water flowing here in Gaza.
—A German journalist in response to the water supply shortages caused by the incessant airstrikes. (via tarz-e-taghaful)

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United Nations officials described the killing of sleeping children as a disgrace to the world and accused Israel of a serious violation of international law after a school in Gaza being used to shelter Palestinian families was shelled on Wednesday

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my year 8 students had to do a budgeting activity pretending they were living out of home on $2000 a month and I find this written on there help I can’t fucking breathe

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“The closer he looks at the child, the less he sees … The more he looks at it, there’s nothing there. He fears that the more you look at him the less you see. There isn’t anything there.” - John Hughes

i always wondered what the fuck this scene was about

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if I don’t reblog this assume I’m dead

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so long space cowboy

I’m 95% sure that squirrel is dead

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In Flo-Rida’s song “Low” he states that Shawty is wearing the apple bottom jeans, the boots with the fur AND the Reeboks with the straps, what is she some kind of four legged morph woman? In all honesty I’m not surprised the whole club is looking at her 

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this twitter account saved my life

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Recently Kaige told us he wishes he could be both a boy and a girl because he likes playing princesses as much as ninjas and he doesn’t want to get made fun of. So we bought him a tutu and gave him a makeover. Meet the new and improved Kaige. If you have a problem with it please keep it to yourself and kindly stay out of his life. Which would be a shame because as you can see he’s freakin’ awesome! #letmebeme #mumblr #stopbullying


this is my favorite post

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Funny you should mention that…

It’s my old axe but it still works like a charm.

damn thats hawt

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